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What Makes Us Different

Custom labels and tags


Since our beginning in 1963, NPC has always been an innovator bringing unique solutions to our customers.  When the computer age began, NPC was one of the first companies to provide 'pin-feed' labels.  We began coating our own pressure sensitive adhesive materials in the early 70's.  A distributor in the mid-70's wanted a label-form combination and NPC developed the 'glue-line' document.  Our innovation continues today, offering 'in-line' adhesive and silicone coating, unique top coatings and specialized finishing.  We pride ourselves on being open to new ideas and trying to find solutions for our customers.


Business today moves quickly and customers need answers 'yesterday'. At NPC our employees are empowered to do whatever it takes to satisfy our customers.  They don't need to go ask their manager, they can make the decisions themselves.  This speeds up the process.  Our production team utilizes JIT (Just In Time) inventory management and Lean Manufacturing Principles enabling them to 'turn-on-a-dime' to meet our customer's needs.


Change is inevitable.  At NPC we value being flexible and adaptable to the ever-changing needs of our customers.  We understand every business needs policies and procedures to insure consistent quality, yet when it comes to our customers we know its flexibility they value.  Every customer's needs are unique to that moment and being adaptable enables us to stretch to new levels of service.


At NPC we know that to make a great stew, you need many ingredients.  In the same way to solve today's business problems, we need many voices in the mix.  We see ourselves as collaborators with our customers seeking even better solutions than either of us could find alone.  Working as a team and engaging many voices is the key to finding synergy.  After 50 years of business we know things go wrong, and we believe communicating openly and honestly is the best policy (see our Mission/Value Statement under About Us), and together we can solve anything.


At the heart of our corporate culture is compassion and love.  We believe focusing on the wellbeing of our employees is the most important part of our success.  Our employees are stakeholders in NPC.  We are ambassadors and stewards of this culture to our customers and our community.  We take our role seriously and dedicate resources to make our community better.